The Top Uses Of Vicks Vapor Rub

07 Nov

Wise  owl remedies has a list of remedies like the  Vicks vapor rub used in  different areas it is mainly used for medicinal purposes.Vicks vapor rub uses are many, but the main one is that it is used to ease minor pains like joint pains and muscle ache it is also used to suppress cold.

Among the many uses of Vicks vapor is the healing of small cuts and bruises it is used to speed up the process of healing. Vicks heals a small wound by reducing the rate at which the injury is being infected hence helps in healing small wounds.

Apart from healing small cuts the Vicks vapor uses are endless they may include the reliving of a congested chest .There are two methods of using it these are applying directly on the chest, or you can   inhale it to produce heat vapor that helps relieve the chest.

Athletes foot is also one of the many things healed by Vicks  athletes foot is a fungus that leads to you being uncomfortable and the only way to deal with it is to ensure that you get the  area that is infected to be rubbed by the  Vicks vapor and in no time you will heal.

Stretch  marks are a hindrance to beauty  but Vicks vapor  reduces  the visibility of  stretch marks this  happens due to the presence of many remedies at inside the oil which include cedar leaf oil which  makes the skin softer and less dry hence  making the stretch marks  less visible this can take up to two weeks in order for it to work.

You can relieve the pain caused by the  burns you  incur by using Vicks vapor  it works due to the cold  feeling it has when applied to  a burnt place you can do this by  applying the Vicks to the burnt area after cleaning the surface area of the burnt part  with cold water.

This type of medicine can also be used to treat the cracked heels  it works by trapping moisture on the heels hence it can be able to remove the cracks the only way for it to work is to apply the Vicks in the cracks and ran for about ten minutes then wear cotton socks when going to bed then in the morning wash your feet with warm water. For further details regarding the many uses of Vicks vapor rub, check out

Vicks can also be used  to relieve the pain caused by mosquito bites and also it can be used to treat  or remove ticks  in case a tick has attached itself to your skin you apply the Vicks on the area that was  bitten and  the tick will detach since they don't like the smell of the Vicks vapor.

You can deal with a migraine by reliving the pressure from the  head this can be done by applying Vicks   on the forehead and the temples of the head. Know more here!

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